Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can get answers to commonly asked questions we receive. To find out more please contact us with your inquiry.

Q: What is a plumber?

A plumber is a professional tradesman, who fixes, installs, and maintains the gas and water supply systems in residential and commercial buildings.

Q: What qualifications does a plumber need in Queensland?

A plumber will be required to successfully complete Certificate III in Plumbing. They will also require specific units to be compete in Certificate VI of plumbing. For full license details visit the Queensland Building and Construction Commission website.

Q: Are you qualified?

Yes. Every contractor is fully licensed and insured.

Q: Why should I hire a licensed plumber?

An accredited, or licensed plumber meets all the conditions established by Queensland Building and Construction Commission. Hiring a licensed plumber assures you of quality workmanship and professionalism. It is illegal for a plumber to work if they are not licensed.

Q: My toilet is blocked what do I do?

Some of the common causes of a toilet blockage include foreign objects, a heavy toilet paper, and animal litter. The only way of unblocking the toilet is by eliminating the objects that block it. You can try to unblock the toilet using a plunger available from most hardware stores. Other wise you should call a professional.

Q: Do you fix blocked drains?

Yes, we can unblock all drains. Our plumbers use a camera inspection to identify the cause of the blockage.

Q: How do I fix a leaking tap?

A leaking tap can be caused by many factors. It is best to call your local plumber for professional advice.

Q: Can you send a plumber in an emergency?

Yes. We offer on call 24 hour assistance for any emergency. Just call our team to immediate assistance.

Q: How do I find a reliable plumber?

You can use the search engine, like Google to search for the reliable plumber in your locality. You can also ask friends and family for recommendations. When you find them, ask all the necessary questions that prove their credibility and license details.

Q: What does a plumber cost?

Hourly rates for plumber start at around $55 and go as high as $200.

Q: Do you offer free quotes?

Yes, we do offer free quotes to our clients, all you have to do is visit our website, or call us to get the quote.

Q: Do you offer a warranty?

We offer warranties on all workmanship. Our products also have a manufactures warranty.

Q: What areas do you service?

We service all areas of South East Queensland. Locations include Brisbane CBD, Northside and Southside, Moreton Bay, Redland Bay, Manly, Ipswich and Toowoomba.

Q: What are your operating hours?

Our main office is open from 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday To Friday. Our emergency plumber services are open 24 hours a day.

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